Better Know a Colorado…

A Colorado Local Science Engagement Network Multimedia Project

Did you know that Colorado has the highest average elevation in the 50 US states at 6,860 feet above sea level? Did you know that Baca County in Southeast Colorado (bordering Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico) was one of the hardest hit places in the country during the 1930s Dust Bowl era? These are a few examples that illustrate this diversity in the traditional territories and ancestral homelands of 48 contemporary tribal nations that make up the state of Colorado. 

The “Better Know a Colorado…District/Issue/Border” multimedia project seeks to draw out science-policy-society issues around the state of Colorado and tell the vibrant and varied stories of communities and people living within it. As a non-partisan project, Better Know a Colorado…District/Issue/Border investigates, relays facts and figures, and shares information and narratives without championing or criticizing any particular worldview. Explore our work, learn about Colorado and share with others

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Better Know a Colorado Border: Baca County

Better Know a Colorado District Interview with Jason Crow

Better Know a Colorado District Interview with Joe Neguse

Better Know a Colorado District

The Better Know a Colorado District multimedia project uses light humor to draw out the critical science-policy-society issues, economic drivers, and cultural values in each of the seven (soon-to-be eight!) districts of Colorado. The project features story maps to provide virtual tours of each district, as well as interviews with Colorado’s Congressional representatives.

Better Know a Colorado Issue

Building on Better Know a Colorado District and the climate, environment, economic, and society issues identified through that project, Better Know a Colorado Issue takes a deep dive into the concerns that Colorado residents and policymakers are most worried about. From the energy transition to natural disasters like floods and fires, this project explores what’s happening, why it matters, the science that’s critical to informing the decision-making around it, and the state of the policy.

Better Know a Colorado Border

Colorado doesn’t have an international border, but cultural, social, and environmental diversity across this state means that life on the Colorado borders can vary greatly. To help all Coloradans better understand the climate, environment, energy, and technology issues and challenges at our borders with seven other US states, the “Better Know a Colorado…” series has been expanded to look at politics and livelihoods in these places.