2021 Legislative Event

On June 29th the Colorado Local Science Engagement Network (CO LSEN) and the Institute for Science and Policy (ISP),  in collaboration with CO-LABS, Western Water Assessment (WWA), the Colorado Climate Center, and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) welcomed scientists and decision-makers throughout our state for three conversations focused on rural broadband in Colorado, climate-informed decision-making, and carbon markets as a policy tool. 

In the morning we hosted a closed session,  facilitated by Leaf van Boven, for legislators and commissioners across Colorado:

The CO LSEN and the Institute for Science & Policy welcomed Leaf van Boven, professor of psychology and neuroscience at CU Boulder to host an interactive workshop on structuring decisions for less bias and error. The session explored the hurdles that we all face when evaluating risk, tradeoffs, and complex decisions, diving into questions such as: How can we better understand and interrogate some common biases and tendencies? How can we work towards bringing scientific information into these challenging discussions and decisions? What systems can we put in place to overcome these challenges? 

The three open sessions highlighted our 3 focus areas:

  1. Technology: Rural Broadband in Colorado
  2. Climate and Environment: Climate-Informed Decision-Making 
  3. Carbon-based and Renewable Energy: Carbon Taxes

Rural Broadband 

The first of 3 open sessions at our June 29th Legislative Event following the 2021 Colorado Legislative Session.

This session focused on Rural Broadband in Colorado


Dan Powers— Facilitator , Executive Director, CO Labs

Andrew Thiessen — Senior Principal 5G/Next G, MITRE

Teresa Ferguson — Director, Federal Broadband Engagement, Colorado Broadband Office

Focus area: Technology

Climate-Informed Decision-Making 

Second open session in our 2021 Legislative Event. A discussion on Climate-Informed Decision-Making. 


Benét Duncan — Facilitator– Managing Director, Western Water Assessment

Russ Schumacher — Colorado State Climatologist, Colorado Climate Center

Kelly Mahoney — Research Scientist, NOAA

Sarah Jones — Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation

Laurna Kaatz — Climate Scientist, Denver Water

Focus Area: Climate and Environment

Carbon Taxes

Third open session in our 2021 Legislative Event on June 29, 2021. A discussion on carbon markets and carbon taxes in Colorado.


Pamitha Weerasinghe –Facilitator —  Director of Government Relations, UCAR

Marc Hafstead — Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative, Resources for the Future

Patrick Cummins — Senior Policy Advisor, Center for the New Energy Economy 

Focus Issue: Carbon-based and Renewable Energy

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